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Licensed Professional Counselor Associate – LIC # 91893.
Certified Level 3 IFS Practitioner – Internal Family Systems.
Transformational coaching.
Connecting you to your inner wisdom and clarity.
Learn about and unburden personal triggers and blind spots.
Release old patterns and strategies that no longer serve you.
Clarify your vision for your life path.
Explore your spirituality.


  • $150    Per 60 minute session
  • $195    Per 90 minute session
  • If you are experiencing a financial hardship, let me know. An accommodation can be made and an adjustment to my rates can be offered.

Joe is passionate about education and serving others.  The last several years, Joe has been focused on personal growth and came across a therapy model known as IFS (Internal Family Systems) in 2016.  IFS personally impacted him on a deep and profound level and helped resolve some issues that traditional therapy could not.  Joe brings his personal growth experience, his passion for helping and skills for active listening and compassion to his coaching work.

Life coaching

Perhaps you want to reconsider some of the strategies you have used in your life – what may have worked in the past is no longer working for you now.  Perhaps you need new tools to address challenges in your life, or support with some transition or event that has impacted you.  Life coaching can help you review and update your “life strategy”.

Transformational coaching

Do you find yourself reacting in situations with a level of energy that seems inappropriate to the circumstances.  Do you find yourself “overreacting” only to later regret your behaviors and responses – thinking to yourself “why did I do that?” or “that was so unlike me”.  Perhaps your reactions in the moment are disproportionate to the actual scenario that is presenting itself.  Our minds are a tool to help us solve problems, make connections with information we perceive, or develop strategies that make us feel safe.   These deeper strategies can be hard wired for us at different stages of our lives depending on our life events and circumstances.  What helped us make sense of our world when we were 5, or 10 or as a teenager, may not be serving us well as an adult.  Transformational coaching uses a therapeutic process of getting to know the parts of us that hold outdated strategies and transform them so they no longer impede our relationships, self love, or personal growth.  This process is known as “internal Family Systems” IFS, and helps us discover a new way to relate to the deeper wisdom and clarity we have within us to solve our problems in the present moment instead of thru outdated filters and behaviors.


There is a lot of focus these days on mindfulness, the present moment, and meditation.  There are many helpful tools to quiet the mind.  This becomes useful so that we can have access to choices when life presents a challenge.  Instead of finding ourselves reacting to life, we can connect to a calm and centered place that gives us perspective.  We have access to responses that may serve the best interest of ourselves and others – and often come from a place of love and compassion rather than fear or judgment.

Certifications and Affiliations

  • Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma – NICABM
  • Mastering the Treatment of Trauma – NICABM
  • Licensed Professional Counseling Associate
  • MA Antioch University, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • CERTIFIED Level 3 Internal Family Systems Practitioner – Center for Self Leadership
  • Program Assistant – Center for Self Leadership
  • BA Psychology, Loyola Marymount University

IFS Trainings

IFS Basics Course April 2016, Exiles Course June 2016 (w/Everett Considine)
Inner Critic Webinar Sep 2016 – Jay Early
Accessing and Living From Self/Online Workshop – April 2018 Dick Schwartz, Loch Kelly
Michelle Glass and the Daily Parts Meditation workshop May 19 2018
IFS Consultation Group – Mariel Pastor – 2018 – 2019
IFS-Inspired Coaching Series/Online Workshop – Oct 2 – Nov 6 2018
Esalen Workshop w/Dick Schwartz – Feb 3 – 8 2019 – “I in the Storm”

IFS Practitioner Certification Coursework
Level 1 – Los Angeles 393 – Mariel Pastor / Mary Kruger/Fran Booth – Jan 14 2018
Level 2 – Chicago 441 – Kay Gardner/Jim Andralis – March 5 2018
Level 2 – NYC 436 – Pamela Krause/Fran Booth – June 29 2018
Level 3 – Orlando – Dick Schwartz – Dec 2019

IFS – Program Assistant
Level 1 PA – Seattle/473 – May 2018 – 2019
Kay Gardner / Katelyn Staeker

Level 1 PA Retreat Style – Western States/475 – Oct 2018 – Mar 2019
Paul Ginter / Mariel Pastor / Mary Duparri

Tucson, AZ / Albuquerque, NM
Level 1 PA – Portland/501 – April 2019-2020
Mariel Pastor / Gretchen King

Level 2 PA – NYC/503 – July 8-12 2019
Pam Krause / Jim Andralis


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